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Exploring One Health

The Exploring One Health Series 2023

A series of events and activities to help you learn about One Health and its applications!

This event will take place May 10th-19th, 2023. The deadline to register is May 5th, 2023. Most activities are asynchronous and can be completed at your own pace within the two-week period. A suggested schedule will be posted soon.

Details: The Exploring One Health series is an event for undergraduate and graduate students to learn about One Health and its presence and use in the real world. This series consists of learning modules in which students will be introduced to the concept of One Health by professionals of varying backgrounds. The students will be given the opportunity to demonstrate their understanding of One Health and where it is present around them. Exploring One Health also offers students the chance to learn how to apply One Health in research and emergency response situations through case studies. Finally, students will have the chance to meet with One Health experts and ask questions regarding their experiences with integrating One Health in their work. Upon completing all activities, you will also receive an OHSC Exploring One Health Certificate!

Who can participate: High school, undergraduate, and graduate students! Please note that registration may be limited, and that University of Guelph students and high school students within and around Guelph will be given priority.


Here is the link to the registration page as well:

The objectives and a full itinerary of the EOH Series are posted below

The EOH Series aspires to:

  • Introduce students to One Health and fundamental One Health concepts
  • Provide students with a chance to learn from One Health professionals
  • Offer students opportunities to apply One Health concepts

Learning modules make up the bulk of the Exploring One Health series. Most are asynchronous and could be completed at the student’s own pace. The modules include:

  1. One Health Foundations, an introduction to One Health comprised of ten introductory videos on ten One Health themes
  2. One Health & Art, where you can identify and share your discovery of One Health around you with photos, drawings, or other creative ways
  3. One Health and You, an opportunity for participants to explore how they might use One Health in their dream career
  4. One Health Case Studies, One Health experts will provide real life examples where they apply One Health
  5. One Health Networking Opportunities, including “Meet & Greet” and “Networking Night” events where participants can speak with experts and other students in a more informal, intimate setting
  6. One Health Q&A Panel, One Health researchers and faculty answer questions about One Health research

Suggested Schedule of Activities

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