Doctor of Veterinary Medicine / Master of Public Health

Combined Degree program

The University of Guelph is pleased to announce a new combined degree program that pairs the existing Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) and Master of Public Health (MPH) programs. This new program will enable students to complete both a DVM and an MPH degree in a reduced overall number of semesters. 


Veterinarians with MPH degrees are increasingly recognized for their involvement in all areas of public health, including epidemiology, environmental health, and infectious disease investigation and control. They are uniquely qualified to understand and respond to emerging zoonotic diseases, to address global food system problems, and to contribute to building resilient and healthy communities. The combined DVM/MPH program will provide future veterinary graduates with formal training in public health in addition to their veterinary medical training, and is intended to support future graduates working in traditional clinical settings as well as those who wish to pursue alternative careers in public or animal health.

More information is available on the U of G’s Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies Veterinary Medicine / Public Health page.


DVM/MPH students will complete their four-year DVM program, and will then complete the requirements for the MPH in one year afterwards. To complete the requirements for the DVM/MPH degree, DVM students will be required to complete the new One Health module, by credit or audit, as part of VETM*4530 Health Management III in Phase 3 of the DVM program.

The combined program does not offer a different pathway for admission to the DVM program. Students enrolled in the DVM/MPH program must meet the admission requirements of both individual programs.

How many students are accepted per year?

Up to five DVM students per year will be accepted into the combined DVM/MPH program.

Current DVM students can apply to the combined DVM/MPH program in either their third or fourth year, provided they have the VETM*4530 One Health module in progress or completed at the time of applying. 

Who can apply to the combined DVM / MPH program?

DVM students currently entering Phase 3 in the 2020-21 academic year will be able to apply to the combined DVM/MPH program this coming 2020/21 admissions cycle (application deadline: February 1, 2021). 

DVM students admitted to the DVM/MPH program for Fall 2021 will defer the start of their MPH program until Fall 2022, while they complete Phase 4 of their DVM program training. 


DVM/MPH Information Session (November 2020)
Dr. Jane Parmley, Graduate Program Coordinator for the combined DVM/MPH program, provides an overview of the program and information about the admission process. Attendee questions are also answered.

If you have further questions about this exciting new opportunity, please contact Dr. Jane Parmley: jparmley@uoguelph.ca

As well, students in earlier years of the DVM Program who are interested in public health can contact our OVC Learning Pathways Officer, Taylor Scully (tscully@uoguelph.ca) to discuss experiential learning and career opportunities in a public health / one health setting that they might pursue in earlier summers of their program, as ways in which to explore this ahead of their application cycle to the DVM/MPH program.