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Program: Pathobiology (One Health)

Advisors: Dr. Heather Murphy and Dr. Travis Steffens

Funding: Blake Graham Research Assistantship; Social Sciences and Humanities for One Health

About my work: My research aims to use a One Health approach to identify and map the transmission pathways of dominant zoonotic pathogens (water-borne and fecal-borne) causing disease in people, domestic animals, and lemurs (endangered species) sharing the same environment in Ankarafantsika National Park, Madagascar.

Program: Population Medicine (One Health)

Advisor: Dr. Lauren Grant

Funding: One Health Partnership Award

About my work: My research is focused on understanding risks associated with leptospirosis, a neglected and climate-sensitive zoonotic disease with significant impacts on both animal and human health. Using a One Health approach, I am exploring how social, environmental, and climatic factors influence current and future risk of canine leptospirosis in Canada.

Carys collecting water samples for pathogen analysis.

Program: Epidemiology (One Health)

Advisors: Dr. Kelsey Spence and Dr. Charlotte Winder

Funding: Ontario Agri-Food Alliance, Ontario Sheep Farmers, Ontario Goat, and Saputo Inc.

About my work: My research aims to explore the potential for disease spread on Ontario sheep and goat farms by identifying perceptions and barriers hindering the implementation of biosecurity measures. This study will be looked at from a One Health lens, exploring human, animal, and environmental factors that influence biosecurity use.

CSOH students and graduates publish in many different areas – epidemiology, pathobiology, animal bioscience and population medicine.

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