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Advisory Board

Jeffrey Wichtel | BVsc, PhD, ACT
Professor | Department of Population Medicine | Ontario Veterinary College
Dean | Ontario Veterinary College
Chairperson | One Health Institute

Headshot of Jeffrey Wichtel.

The One Health Institute offers a new research and academic platform to promote One Health as an important vehicle to solve intractable problems. It will help us solve complex problems at the intersection that cannot be solved by one discipline alone. Society needs people thinking across disciplines.

Andrew Bailey | PhD
Associate Dean, Research and Graduate Studies | College of Arts
Associate Professor | Department of Philosophy | College of Arts
Advisory Board Member | One Health Institute

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I am a philosopher interested, among other things, in issues at the confluence of human, animal and environmental health; and (as ADR) in supporting faculty research in this important interdisciplinary area incorporating insights from the humanities and the fine arts.

Brandon Gilroyed | PhD
Associate Professor | School of Environmental Sciences | Ontario Agricultural College
Advisory Board Member | One Health Institute

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My interest in One Health is related to studying the interconnections between agriculture, environment, and the bioeconomy. Adoption of new technologies to produce renewable energy and bioproducts results will subsequently alter life cycles of agricultural resources and waste streams. These changes present new opportunities and challenges for improving animal, human and environmental health in the agroecosystem.  

Lawrence Goodridge | PhD

Kris E. Inwood | PhD
Professor | Department of Economics and Finance,
Gordon S. Lang School of Business and Economics and
Professor | Department of History | College of Arts
Advisory Board Member | One Health Institute

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I investigate long term change in health including ethnic and social inequalities in the experience of the modern health transition.

Philip A. Loring | PhD
Associate Professor and Arrell Chair in Food, Policy, and Society
Department of Geography | College of Social and Applied Human Sciences
Advisory Board Member | One Health Institute

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I am an environmental social scientist who works with Indigenous and other local communities on issues of food, environmental health, and human well-being. One Health is a framework that elegantly articulates the interconnections among these three domains, and that is very compatible with the values and priorities that I hear from my collaborators.

Amy Newman | PhD
Associate Professor | Department of Integrative Biology | College of Biological Science
Advisory Board Member | One Health Institute

Headshot of Amy Newman.

I am integrative ecophysiologist and study the long-term effects of environmental stress on development, behaviour, physiology and fitness of wildlife.  I am especially interested in how environmental change and landscape modification can impact stress responses in animals ranging from birds to butterflies to small mammals, and how these insights may apply to understanding stress and human health. These interdisciplinary perspectives are aligned with, and inspired by, a One Health approach.

Deborah Stacey | PhD