One Health is defined as both a concept and an approach.

    As a concept, it speaks to the interconnectedness of animal, human and environmental health.

    As an approach, it involves working together across disciplines to combat complex health challenges that arise at the intersection of human, animal and environmental health.

    At the University of Guelph, our definition of the environment is comprehensive. Emphasis is placed on the natural environment, but in a complex world, we also recognize the importance of built environments and those that are socially constructed such as political, financial and social.


    Within One Health, University of Guelph researchers work across disciplines and sectors to integrate the biological and social factors that impinge on the health of organisms, from the level of molecules to that of ecosystems, with unique strengths in comparative medicine. This research also explores how these factors are shaped by environmental parameters, such as climate change, ultimately informing public health and environmental health practice and policy.

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    One Health Resources

    Compiled by the International One Health Student Alliance (ISOHA)

    Resources for students interested in veterinary medicine and public health, compiled by the CDC

    About One Health and the One Health Commission

    One Health Commission
    COVID-19 and One Health
    One Health Initiative
    One Health Social Sciences Initiative
    Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) | One Health

    Student Group Resources

    • Club Map listing student groups around the world
    • Spreadsheet listing student groups around the world
    • Toolkit on how to start a One Health club and activities to do as a club
      • Includes info on Smithsonian Outbreak exhibit materials and virtual tour
      • Includes info on teaching One Health lessons to children
    • Revamped toolkit with graphics here

    Information on starting and running a OH conference here and here

    Educational Opportunities and Resources


    • Join the global One Health Listserv here
    • Join the ISOHA Listserv here.