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One Health MINOR

Bachelor of One Health (MINOR)

A minor in One Health will consist of 5.00 credits.

Required courses:
ANTH*1150 [0.50] Introduction to Anthropology
BIOL*1070 [0.50] Discovering Biodiversity
GEOG*1220 [0.50] Human Impact on the Environment
ONEH*1000 [0.50] Introduction to One Health
ONEH*2000 [0.50] Case Studies in One Health

Restricted electives:

  1. 1.50 credits from key knowledge areas in One Health:

ANTH*1120 [0.50] Biological Anthropology
ANTH*2230 [0.50] Regional Ethnography
ANTH*2660 [0.50] Contemporary Indigenous Peoples in Canada
BIOL*1080 [0.50] Biological Concepts of Health
BIOL*2060 [0.50] Ecology
BIOL*3060 [0.50] Populations, Communities and Ecosystems
ECON*2100 [0.50] Economic Growth and Environmental Quality
ENVS*2330 [0.50] Current Issues in Ecosystem Science and Biodiversity
ENVS*3210 [0.50] Plant Pathology
GEOG*2210 [0.50] Environment and Resources
GEOG*3020 [0.50] Global Environmental Change
HIST*3310 [0.50] Disease and History
IDEV*1000 [0.50] Understanding Development and Global Inequalities
MICR*2420 [0.50] Introduction to Microbiology
MICR*3230 [0.50] Immunology
PATH*3610 [0.50] Principles of Disease
PHIL*2030 [0.50] Philosophy of Medicine
POLS*2100 [0.50] Comparative Politics
POLS*2230 [0.50] Public Policy
SOC*2280 [0.50] Society, Knowledge Systems, and Environment
SOAN*2290 [0.50] Identities and Cultural Diversity
SOAN*3380 [0.50] Society and Nature

  1. 1.00 credits from One Health areas of application:
    AGR*4600 [1.00] Agriculture and Food Issues Problem Solving
    ANTH*3550 [0.50] Medical Anthropology
    ANTH*4550 [0.50] Topics in Anthropology of Health
    BIOL*3130 [0.50] Conservation Biology
    BIOL*4150 [0.50] Wildlife Conservation and Management
    ENVS*3010 [0.50] Climate Change Biology
    GEOG*3320 [0.50] Food Systems: Issues in Security and Sustainability
    GEOG*4210 [0.50] Environmental Governance
    ONEH*3000 [0.50] Topics in One Health
    POPM*3240 [0.50] Epidemiology
    POPM*4230 [0.50] Animal Health
    POPM*4040 [0.50] Epidemiology of Food-borne diseases
    POLS*3370 [0.50] Environmental Politics and Governance
    POLS*3670 [0.50] Comparative Public Policy
    PSYC*3110 [0.50] Topics in Health Psychology

In consultation with the One Health advisor for the minor a major-specific research, thesis, reading or literature review course may be substituted to meet the area of application credit requirement.

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