Blake Graham Graduate Scholarship

Blake Graham Graduate Scholarship in One Health

One Health collaborations across disciplines, faculties and campuses are important steps to resolving and understanding complex problems that exist at the interface of human, animal, and environmental health.

The Blake Graham Graduate Scholarship in One Health provides support for graduate students pursuing interdisciplinary health research using a One Health approach, who is co-advised by faculty from the University of Guelph and McMaster University Health Sciences.


Faculty at the University of Guelph are eligible to apply if they are supervising (or planning to supervise) a graduate student who will be conducting interdisciplinary health research using a One Health approach, in collaboration with a co-investigator from McMaster University. Both co-investigators must be members of the graduate student’s supervisory committee.

Value and Duration

Eligible University of Guelph students receive $17,000 each fall semester for a maximum of four years per student. Faculty advisors must demonstrate with reasonable assurance that they have enough funding to provide the remainder of the stipend for the graduate student, in programs where stipends are normally awarded, as well as sufficient resources to cover operational requirements.  Minimum stipend levels, where they exist, are set by internal U of G policies and will depend on the degree program.

This scholarship can be held concurrently with other scholarships. Current graduate students at the University of Guelph are eligible to receive the Blake Graham Scholarship, though preference will be given to incoming graduate students.

Award Allocation

Schedule of Dates

DateAction Due
Thursday January 6, 2022Call for Project Proposals Opens
Thursday January 27, 2022Project Proposals Due
Tuesday February 15, 2022Successful Proposals Announced

How to Apply

Applications will be submitted by the primary advisor, and once provisionally approved, can be used as a recruitment tool. Applications should be a maximum length of 1500 words and include the name and contact information of the faculty member and the research team (with affiliations) who will be on the supervising committee for the graduate student. Please include the project title, background, objectives, description and experimental plan for the proposed research and a description as to how the proposed research employs a One Health approach to the research question(s).

Completed applications will be submitted by email to the One Health Institute at

Evaluation Process and Criteria

The Director, One Health Institute, with members of the One Health Institute Advisory Board, will select the recipient from among the nominations received on or prior to the closing date.

The successful faculty recipient will be provisionally selected based on the following criteria:

  • Faculty applicant is eligible to supervise a student in an MPH, MSc, DVSc or PhD program at the University of Guelph.
  • There will be faculty representation on the graduate student’s supervisory committee from McMaster University
  • The faculty advisor’s record of graduate student advising, research productivity and the availability of the required operating funds and infrastructure.
  • The research objectives and experimental plan are rational, clear and feasible.
  • The proposed research demonstrably employs an interdisciplinary One Health approach
  • The relevance and significance of the proposed research to the field of zoonoses is clear

The student recipient must:

  • Hold a DVM, MD or equivalent degree.
  • Have received an offer of admission to a MPH, MSc, DVSc or PhD program in any department at the University of Guelph, or are currently enrolled in one of these programs.
  • Demonstrate an interest in the study of one or more zoonotic diseases, academic excellence and superior science communication skills.

Award of funds remains provisional until an eligible student has accepted, the program of research confirmed, and the graduate advisory committee has been established.