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Exploring One Health

Meet the Exploring One Health (EOH) Organizers!

Lead EOH Organizers

Grace Nichol

My name is Grace and I am one of the co-presidents of the OHSC. I am a PhD student at OVC studying epidemiology, and I am also completing the Collaborative Specialization in One Health program. This is my second year on OHSC, and I have really enjoyed working with so many other students who are passionate about One Health! I love that collaboration is such a big part of One Health, and I think that taking a One Health approach will allow us to solve some of the big problems we are facing. In my spare time, I like to hike and spend time with my dog and cat.

Priya Jain

Hi everyone! My name is Priya Jain (she/her) and I am one of the Major Events Executives for the OHSC. I joined OHSC because it aligned with thoughts I have had for awhile, like why disciplines that often overlap are not integrate or taught with one another in mind. I think the emphasis on how trans-disciplinary work is important and the way in which it helped better understand how to solve complex issues made me excited to learn more. 

Riley Bauman

Hello OHSC community! My name is Riley Bauman (she/her) and I am an incoming Co-president for the committee starting in Winter 2022. As a first year veterinary student at the Ontario Veterinary College, One Health is truly central to my current studies, research interests and career goals. In my spare time, I enjoy raising livestock on my family farm and playing the fiddle. A few of my personal passions include food security, zoonotic disease prevention, and vulnerable human and pet population health. The One Health concept is consistent with my vision for solving these tricky problems which our generation will be facing head-on; we need teamwork more than ever! I cannot wait to see what OH-inspired collaboration has in store for the OHSC this year!

Allison Leonard

This is my first year with OHSC and I am one of the major events executives. I am currently in a third year Ph.D candidate in the department of Molecular and Cellular Biology investigating alternative strategies to treat bacterial infections in an effort to combat antimicrobial resistance. I am very passionate about antimicrobial resistance and joined OHSC because I wanted to be part of a committee that held similar values and interests as I do. I really appreciate the collaborative nature of One Health and its framework for solving complex world health problems. 

Steven Mugisha Mizero

Hi everyone! My name is Steven Mugisha Mizero (he/him) – the Vice President of Team Events for OHSC. I am a first-year MSc student in the School of Environmental Sciences. I joined One Health because I want to be part of an energetic group of young leaders who want to serve the world through educating, helping people to achieve optimal health from the interconnection between people, animals, plants. OHSC is a group of intelligent individuals, and I hope to learn different skills from being around them. My hobbies are codding, dancing and playing soccer.

Yuhui Zhu

Hi! I’m Yuhui Zhu, and currently an undergraduate student studying environmental governance. I really enjoy food provided by UofG’s cafeteria, and food courses. OHSC is an organization where I could understand the food impacts, as well as help me and others to have a better understanding of our external environment. I usually love reading novels, playing simple strategy games for relaxation, and I also write in my diary sometimes.

EOH Website Support

Simon Jeeves

Hello! My name is Simon Jeeves (he/him) and I am the Vice President of Operations for the OHSC. I am currently in the first year of my Master of Science program in the Department of Pathobiology, OVC. I have been working with the OHSC since October 2020, and have immensely enjoyed the collaboration and interdisciplinary nature of the organization. Being part of the Operations group has allowed me to help out in several areas around the OHSC and get to know a lot of the wonderful individuals we have as part of our team. I am interested in the One Health implications of emerging zoonotic diseases, and my research revolves around investigating small mammalian wildlife for carriage of SARS-CoV-2, the cause of COVID-19. When I am not in the lab, I am learning salsa piano, birding, or trying new craft beers.