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Exploring One Health

The Exploring One Health Series

A series of events and activities to help you learn about One Health and its applications!

This event will take place May 17th-30th, 2021. The deadline to register is May 10th, 2021. Most activities are asynchronous and can be completed at your own pace within the two-week period. A suggested schedule can be found on this page.

Details: The Exploring One Health (EOH) learning series hosted by the University of Guelph’s One Health Student Committee (OHSC)! It is designed for high school, undergraduate, and graduate students interested in learning about One Health in an online, semi-asynchronous environment. One Health is a growing field that focuses on using collaboration and transdisciplinary skills to address multi-faceted issues intersecting human, animal, and environmental/ecosystem health. Upon completing all activities, you will also receive an OHSC Exploring One Health Certificate!

Who can participate: High school, undergraduate, and graduate students! Please note that registration may be limited, and that University of Guelph students and high school students within and around Guelph will be given priority.

Register here!

The objectives and a full itinerary of the EOH Series are posted below!

The EOH Series aspires to:

  • Introduce students to One Health and fundamental One Health concepts
  • Provide students with a chance to learn from One Health professionals
  • Offer students opportunities to apply One Health concepts

Suggested Schedule of EOH Activities

Please use the navigation arrows to view the suggested schedule of activities for the EOH Series!