One Health Award | U of G Partnership with Western OR McMaster

One Health Award | U of G Partnership with Western OR McMaster

One Health collaborations across disciplines, faculties and campuses are important steps to resolving and understanding complex problems that exist at the interface of human, animal, and environmental health.

The One Health Award | Partnership with Western University or McMaster University has been created to stimulate collaborative academic activity between the University of Guelph and McMaster University and between the University of Guelph and Western University.

Applications accepted starting December 10, 2021


Faculty at the University of Guelph are eligible to apply if they are supervising (or planning to supervise) a graduate student who is conducting research in One Health. The research must also be in collaboration with a researcher at one of McMaster University or Western University, and the researcher must also be a member of the graduate student’s supervisory committee. Sharing research space is encouraged.

Value and Duration

Students enrolling in thesis-based Master’s, PhD or DVSc programs at the University of Guelph are eligible for this award. The award is payable in per-semester instalments until the program of study is complete or the maximum funding duration is reached (Table 1). Scholarships will be confirmed and awarded once an eligible student is accepted and the graduate advisory committee established. Student award recipients are expected to enrol in and complete the Collaborative Specialization in One Health program.

This scholarship can be held concurrently with other scholarships.

Up to two scholarships will be awarded from the University of Guelph each year for the next two years, with the annual budget capped at $120,000.

Table 1: Scholarship award amount and duration of funding by program type   

Annual amount of awardProgramMax. duration of funding
$22,000Thesis-based master’s2 years
$25,000PhD (transfer)3 years
$25,000DVSc3 years
$25,000PhD (direct entry from undergraduate program)4 years

Award Allocation

Table 2: Schedule of Dates

DateAction Due
Friday December 10, 2021Call for Project Proposals Opens
Apply Now!
Monday January 10, 2022Project Proposals Due
Monday January 31, 2022Successful Proposals Announced

How to Apply

Applications will be submitted by the primary advisor, and once provisionally approved, can be used as a recruitment tool.

To apply, click the button below and complete the form, abiding by the word limit when indicated. You will need to provide:

  • Applicant and co-applicant names, email addresses, affiliations and contact information
  • Project title
  • Project rationale (the core problem(s) your project seeks to address)
  • One Health methods / methodology (explain the relevance of a One Health approach to your project)
  • Project objectives & necessity of a One Health approach for each
  • A description of the role for the graduate student in the project

Questions or concerns? Email

Evaluation Process and Criteria

The Director, One Health Institute, with members of the One Health Institute Advisory Board, will select the recipient(s) from among the nominations received on or prior to the closing date, based on the following criteria:

  • Faculty applicant is eligible to supervise a student in a MA, MSc, DVSc or PhD program at the University of Guelph.
  • There will be faculty representation on the graduate student’s supervisory committee from either McMaster University or Western University.
  • The research objectives and experimental plan are rational, clear and feasible.
  • The proposed research demonstrably employs a One Health approach.

Award of funds remains provisional until an eligible student has accepted, the program of research confirmed, and the graduate advisory committee has been established.